The Herbal Alternative – Cortez



As this industry grows, you will surely see more big business start to dominate the space. That’s why we are proud to be independently owned and operated by our founder, Garrett Smith.

Garrett’s interest and appreciation for quality cannabis started for purely personal reasons. After serving five years active duty in the United States Coast Guard, Garrett developed a severe and debilitating seizure disorder.

It was Garrett’s personal discovery of the medical benefits of cannabis for seizure control that became the driving force behind his dedication to growing the best product possible – and it continues today.

We hope you have the opportunity to visit our facility, meet Garrett and all of our wonderful staff, and best of all – sample our products!


The Herbal Alternative – Cortez
1531 North Lebanon Road
Cortez Colorado 81321
United States
Phone: 9705297007
: no fax
Products Carried
  • 2g Elite Cartridge - Golden Goat
  • 2g Elite Cartridge - Blue Raz
  • 2g Elite Cartridge - Grapevine
  • 2g Elite Cartridge - Lime Sorbet
  • 2g Elite Cartridge - OG
  • TWAX Infused Pre-Roll - 1g - Grapevine
  • 2g Elite Cartridge - Orange Cream
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Blue Raz
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Golden Goat
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Lime Sorbet
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Orange Cream
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Grapevine
  • Dripcees - 1:1 Strawberry Watermelon - 100mg
  • Dripcees - 2:1:1 Peaches N Cream - 100mg
  • Dripcees - Tropical Coconut - 100mg
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Blue Raz
  • TWAX Infused Pre-Roll - 1g - Lime Sorbet
  • TWAX Infused Pre-Roll - 1g - Lemon Haze

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