EMJ’S – aka – A Wellness Center

A Wellness Centers has one of the largest selections in Colorado, with a full flower, concentrate and edible menus, along with lotions, tinctures, salves, oils, and pills. Besides the regular candies and cookies, we carry marijuana-infused butters and olive oil so you can cook up your own edibles, and drinks to wash them down with. However it is that you prefer to consume it, you can guarantee that we have a large selection to choose from. Strains and availability of products will vary by location.





EMJ’S – aka – A Wellness Center
2918 Wood Avenue
Colorado Springs Colorado 80907
United States
Phone: 7193751907
: no fax
Url: http://www.awellnesscenters.com
Products Carried
  • Dripcees - 1:1 Strawberry Watermelon - 100mg
  • Dripcees - Tropical Coconut - 100mg
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Orange Cream
  • 2g Elite Cartridge - Lime Sorbet
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Orange Cream
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Lime Sorbet
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Golden Goat
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Blue Raz
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Grapevine
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Lemon Lime

Please call to confirm availability.