The Clear’s logo for Twax pre rolls. The lettering shows T-W-A-X in gold.



If you’re someone who enjoys smoking cannabis but hates the hassle of rolling your own joints, then TWAX pre-rolled joints are perfect for you. These cannabis-infused pre-rolls are packed with high-quality THC and distillate that will give you a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience without any of the fuss or mess.

TWAX by The Clear™ is an infused pre-rolled joint for the experienced cannabis consumer. TWAX is the potent pre-roll you’ve been looking for. Find the smoothness, purity, and flavor you’ve come to expect from The Clear, combined with unmatched burnability in a single joint or minis. One of the best things about TWAX pre-rolled joints is their convenience factor. They are perfect for those on-the-go moments when you don’t have time to roll your own joint but still want to enjoy all the benefits that cannabis has to offer.


The Blackbird by Roll Pros is the industry’s only automated preroll machine designed to produce better pre-rolls. With technology to roll joints like consumers and not packed in cones, TWAX joints by Roll Pros offer a heightened, smooth infused pre-roll experience. Video: Clear Colorado Group



Each award-winning flavor pairing in our TWAX line blends seamlessly with the premium full bud cannabis it starts with. The flavors come through noticeably, without taking away from the natural taste you’ve come to love through your relationship with the plant. We rigorously test so there is never any heavy metals, pesticides, or contaminants in TWAX.


If you are an infrequent or new user we recommend you start low and go slow when consuming TWAX. Potency this strong has the potential to overwhelm.

 The remarkably ripe fruit flavor of Blueberry is enhanced by sweet, deep and sugary notes, creating an experience that is sure to bring to mind your favorite blueberry dessert. 

The Clear blueberry

Lemon Haze is loud, tangy, and delicious. The sweet, sour notes burst onto the tongue immediately upon inhale and the impact of tasty lemon zest persists through exhale while lingering on the tongue. 

The Clear Lemon Haze

Grapevine is the juicy, sweet grape flavor that we all recognize. The essence of each pull is highly expressive, lingering, and succulent. 

The Clear Grapevine

Banana Cream is impressively rich, while maintaining an elegant balance of banana and creaminess. Its highly nostalgic banana flavor finishes with a pleasantly smooth cream note. 

The Clear Banana Cream

Sweet, tangy, and rich. Lime Sorbet begins with a lime-like bite and finishes with a touch of sweet cream. This flavor has an undeniable range and richness to it. 

The Clear Lime Sorbet

Our OG delivers high-octane gas and funk flavors for all our OG strain-lovers. The flavor provides a sweet, sour, and salty punch to the palate, with the peppery aftertaste that you expect.

The Clear OG