The Clear Limited Time Flavor

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With a starting potency of well over 85% cannabinoids The Clear Elite THC distillate is perfect for the moderate to seasoned cannabis enthusiast. The Elite cartridge and vape are filled with ultra-premium cannabis distillate and botanically derived terpenes in a seasonal Pure Pear Anytime flavor.

The Clearcartridges and vapes use medical-grade ceramic atomizers that provide low failure rates, even draw distribution, no burning taste, and more vapor delivered per draw. Using CCELL and Cilicon hardware, there has never been a better vape experience on the dispensary shelf than the Clear Elite.

  • COLORADO – 500MG All-in-one vape (coming soon)
  • NEW MEXICO –  500MG All-in-one vape (coming soon)
  • ARKANSAS – 500MG cartridge, 1G cartridge and 2G cartridge (coming soon)
  • MASSACHUSETTS – 500MG All-in-one, and 1G cartridge (coming soon)
  • OKLAHOMA – 2G cartridge (coming soon)

*For a limited time in select states, while supplies last.

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The Clear’s signature Pure Pear captures the sweet, juicy flavor of ripe pears just in time for the holiday season. This limited-time offer is being released in mid-December. Try this limited time flavor while it lasts!
A circle label featuring the text ‘anytime Pure Pear The Clear’. The label indicates that The Clear Pure Pear THC vape is an excellent vape to use at any time of day.
Each cartridge and all-in-one vape comes with a scratch and sniff sticker so you can preview the terpene profiles of the flavor.


Our Elite distillate oil vape lines are formulated from a proprietary all-natural blend of botanically extracted compounds for a delicious experience. Elite is perfect if you want a consistent flavor and effect no matter what state or dispensary you purchase from. Availability varies so call or check online before your dispensary visit.

A hexagon shaped icon. The icon contains text which reads: Find a balance with our hybrid-like varieties. These flavors leave you relaxed yet focused, perfect for any time. If you’re looking to unwind, connect, inspire, or create - our hybrid profiles will leave you uplifted and refreshed.
An image that is showing the profile of The Clear’s Pure Pear premium cannabis distillate. The flavor profile is fruity, herbal and floral. The main compounds are esters.


If our years of experience have taught us anything, it’s safety for our customers. Each component of our products goes through testing, for a total of nine inspection points before it reaches shelves. This includes testing hardware, raw oil, terpenes, formulated oil, odor, color & taste, and the filled cartridge.



These state of the art 510 thread cartridges use a ceramic casing with a metallic coil spanning the center of the basin to provide even draw distribution, no burning taste, and unparalleled vapor plumes and flavor.

They are also designed so that you use every last drop of oil and you are leaving nothing in the tank when finished. 

A diagram of the C-Cell technology that is used from The Clear. The diagram shows off all of the components of the 510 threaded cartridge that uses a ceramic casing with a metallic coil spanning the center of the basin.