How Technology Revolutionized Cannabis Cultivation and Extraction

evolution of cannabis cultivation technology

In Part Two of this episode of “Let’s Get Clear,” Kellan Finney of 8th Revolution and James Granger, Chief Political Officer at Cliintel Capital Management Group, delve into the intricacies of regulations and politics, offering valuable insights into modern cannabis cultivation and extraction. Listen to the episode at the top of this page, and be sure to follow the podcast so you never miss and episode!

Innovations in Cultivation Technology

Every successful venture begins with a dream, and Kellan Finney’s journey is no different. From humble beginnings in construction and street makeup sales, Kellan now leads in cannabis technology, illustrating how modern innovations can transform an industry. Reading Ray Dalio’s Principles inspired him to pursue his vision with renewed vigor.

Embracing Cutting-Edge Cultivation: Advances in technology such as automated irrigation systems and precision feeding schedules have revolutionized cannabis cultivation. These innovations enable growers to monitor plant health, optimize growth conditions, and increase yields efficiently. With the ability to monitor plants and systems from an app on a phone, managing large scale operations has never been more efficient.

Evaluating Technological Solutions

To say that every technology introduced into cultivation has been revolutionary would be quite the overstatement. Not every idea or technology is worth implementing. In this episode, Kellan and James stress the importance of rigorous research and market analysis to assess the potential of new technologies, and they have a few recommendations when you might be deciding on some new equipment.

Key Considerations:

  • – Does the technology solve a real cultivation problem?
  • – Is there a demand for this solution in the market?
  • – Can it be scaled effectively?
  • – Is it aligned with your long-term goals and capabilities?


Evaluating these factors ensures that resources are wisely invested in technologies that offer real benefits.

Do You Have What it Takes to Innovate?

Innovation requires more than just a good idea; it takes the courage to implement and adapt to new technologies. Kellan’s story of embracing technological advancements despite uncertainties serves as an inspiration.

Innovators must embrace the unknown, navigating uncharted territory with confidence. Building a support network of mentors and peers provides invaluable guidance and support. Additionally, staying resilient is essential, as adaptability and perseverance are crucial when integrating new technologies. Kellan’s journey highlights the importance of these qualities in driving successful innovation in the cannabis industry.

Aligning Your Values with Technology

In this episode of Let’s Get CLEAR, James Granger offers insights into the future of the cannabis industry. He emphasizes the importance of aligning technological advancements with your values and goals. He also highlights that understanding your strengths and passions is crucial when assessing new technologies.

James suggests piloting different technologies to discover what works best. This is an approach that allows for experimentation and refinement. Additionally, seeking feedback from trusted advisors and industry experts is essential to ensure your approach is sound and well-informed. These strategic steps help in making informed decisions that align with both personal values and industry goals.

As Kellan and James discuss the future of cannabis and its regulatory landscape, they highlight the unique opportunities that modern technology presents. Staying informed and adaptable is key.

Every technological leap begins with a single step. Embrace the innovations, find joy in the process, and enhance your cultivation and extraction methods along the way.

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