Taking Small Steps Toward Big Changes


In an ever evolving industry such as cannabis, companies are always changing how they operate to improve efficiency and ideally, increase profits. However, sometimes it is more about having a real impact, instead of just making money. For The Clear, that means upgrading our packaging to a recyclable material and being transparent about how our products are made so consumers feel safe using our products.

In the case of Zach Freeman of Innosphere Ventures,  Zach emphasizes the importance of local investments in transforming communities and fostering a sense of accomplishment. Innosphere provides comprehensive support to startups, including financial assistance, guidance, and mentorship, which strengthens the local economy. Innosphere’s philosophy extends beyond financial gains, using investment as a tool for social good, aligning with the podcast’s mission to enrich listeners’ lives.

The Profound Impact of Local Investments

In the latest episode of Let’s Get CLEAR, our original podcast, Zach shares his journey and the philosophy behind Innosphere Ventures, emphasizing the significance of nurturing startups and small businesses. He stresses the importance of local investments, which, unlike broader market investments, can potentially transform communities directly. By investing locally, individuals can witness the growth and success of their endeavors firsthand, fostering a deeper connection to their community and a tangible sense of accomplishment.

The Ripple Effects of Supporting Startups

Through Innosphere, Zach and his team provide more than just financial support; they offer guidance, mentorship, and resources crucial for young companies to thrive in the unpredictable business world. This holistic support system helps startups navigate their initial phases and strengthens the local community’s economic foundation.

Investment as a Tool for Social Good

Innosphere’s approach extends beyond financial gains; it’s about using investment for social good. This philosophy resonates deeply with the ethos of Let’s Get CLEAR, which aims to provide its listeners with insights that enrich their quality of life. It’s about creating balance, where financial success, personal growth, and social responsibility coexist.

Venture capital firms often get a negative reputation due to their hyper-focus on financial returns, lack of transparency, and favoring investors over the entrepreneurial spirit. Innosphere Ventures is a non-profit 501(c)(3) with a solid mission to create jobs and grow the entrepreneurship ecosystem. As a non-profit, they can put startups first and create long-term, regional economic impact.

Be the Change

When the world’s situation feels overwhelming, it’s essential to focus on the parts of one’s life that one can control and identify one small action to improve the immediate situation. Something as simple as connecting with a person in your community, checking in with a friend, or smiling at strangers can make a difference. It doesn’t take extreme measures to help each other grow.

Esa gave an excellent example of Tim Wong, the aquatic biologist in California who single-handedly brought a butterfly species back from the brink of extinction simply by planting the insects’ food source in his backyard.

A Call to Action for Local Engagement

It’s time to consider how we might use our resources—time, knowledge, or capital—to foster community growth. We must rethink investment not just as a means for personal gain but as a potent tool for community development and social equity.

Whether supporting a local startup, engaging with community-led projects, or simply sharing expertise, every small action contributes to significant change. Stay tuned for more insightful discussions that bridge the gap between personal well-being and community development on Let’s Get CLEAR.