The Clear’s Secret to Amazing Natural Flavors

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If you love The Clear, odds are, it’s because of our flavors. Let’s talk terpenes…and other magical molecules that plants produce.

We’ve already shared with you the secrets behind The Clear™s cultivation and extraction and distillation techniques, yielding the purest cannabis concentrate on the market. But, what happens once we’ve made our ultra-clean, golden cannabis oil? How does our obsession with quality impact the array of luscious flavors our discerning customers seek out?

To bring our true-to-life flavors into The Clear, we use naturally-derived terpenes, all-natural compounds and flavonoids from plants. Our advanced vape hardware then elevates taste to the next level.

Terpenes and Plant Compounds 

Terpenes in weed are what give cannabis strains their singular flavors and fragrances. They can be found throughout the plant kingdom. Terpenes are immediately identifiable scents and flavors found in tart lemons, icy mint, savory thyme, spicy pepper and many more herbs, spices and fruits. They broadly range from classic skunky scents to sweet, fruity notes.

Flavonoids give fruits and vegetables their bright colors. They give pigmentation of deep purple to red or blue hues. So far, scientists have discovered more than 200 terpenes and over 20 flavonoids in cannabis plants alone. Both types of compounds work synergistically with cannabinoids like THC to create effects and give different cannabis strains unique attributes and characteristics. They also each have unique health benefits that scientists are just starting to uncover

Other all-natural plant compounds that are used to formulate our flavors include ketones, esters and lactones (organic esters). Esters are very common and are found in a large number of essential oils. They are anti-fungal, calming and relaxing. Ketones are also found in plants and are helpful with respiratory conditions conditions such as asthma, colds, flu and dry cough. 

Many other companies inject synthetic terpenes into their extracts. However, our award-winning flavors come from only these natural plant sources, not a factory. Further, our proprietary formulations are tested thoroughly and never contain contaminants or heavy metals. Just as our extraction process distills our cannabis oil to its purest form, our terpene and other natural plant compound extraction process also draws out the best, most concentrated form of natural flavor. As a result, the delectable flavors are true to the strains and fruits they are drawn from.  

Cannabis Strain Flavors

Everyone’s taste buds are different, so we’ve created a dozen fruit flavors to please every palate, as well as five special flavors that pay tribute to some of the most popular cannabis strains around.

Our award-winning cannabis cartridges, syringes and disposable vape pens include these top cannabis strains flavors with popular terpene profiles. These strain specific flavors include:


    • Sweet-and-piney XJ-13

    • Tropical, mildly sweet, spicy and sour Golden Goat

    • Funk with sweet, sour, peppery aftertaste OG

    • Citrus-minded Lemon Haze (also available in Clear™ CBD)

    • Terpene-free neutral Lobster Butter THC distillate

Tantalizing Fruit Flavors


    • Juicy Potent Pineapple

    • Bright, jammy Blue Raz

    • Ripe, sweet Blueberry

    • Bright, rich Orange Cream

    • Juicy, soda-inspired Grapevine

    • Super-ripe and deep Strawberry (seasonal)

    • Balanced, smooth Banana Cream, and

  • Complex and satisfying Strawberry Banana (seasonal)

Please get in touch with your local dispensary for flavor availability.

The Clear’s Stellar Flavor Vape Tech  

When it comes time to consume, our vaporizer again exemplifies our desire to be straightforward and transparent, while implementing the most advanced CCELL and Cilicon technology. Our vape hardware is precision-made from medical-grade stainless steel, ceramic and glass. That’s it. No fibers, glues or chemicals.

We go to great lengths to ensure quality. When our customers pick up a Clear vape, they can tell right away that they’re getting the best experience on the market. It’s a smooth experience with consistent, flavorful and supremely effective results.

Find The Clear products here. Purchasing manager for a dispensary? Contact us at Dispensary owner or larger scale operator looking to bring The Clear to your state? Contact us here.

WARNING: Overconsumption of Marijuana Concentrate may lead to Psychotic symptoms and/or Psychotic disorder, Mental Health Symptoms/Problems, Cannabis Hyperemesis (CHS), and Cannabis use disorder/dependence, including physical and psychological dependence.

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